3 caballeros names

My Name is Panchito English

HM Los tes caballeros Mi nombre es Panchito

Cancion de los 3 caballeros de la serie House of Mouse Decarga capitulo completo:

The Three Caballeros (English and Japanese)

The Three Caballeros, House of Mouse - We Are The Three Caballeros, My Name Is Panchito English version and Japanese version!!...

The Three Caballeros/My Name is Panchito(Chinese Mandarin)

House of Mouse - We Are The Three Caballeros

Ay yai yai yai! Ay yai yai yai! Ay yai yai- We are The Three Caballeros! We love to sing and to dance and to jump up and down While we play lots of music And...

Three Caballeros: Jarabe Pateo

Which of course, is Panchitos favourite dance.... You know, they put where in Brazil Joe is from in his last name, but they never say where in Mexico Panchito is...

The Three Caballeros - Panchitos real name

funny song.

Ode To The Three Caballeros

I made this video in dedication to one of my favorite disney movies, The Three Caballeros!!! Clips for the first part of the vid are from the three caballeos movie,...

Close Your Eyes: Bebel Gilberto vs. The Three Caballeros

Close Your Eyes remixed by Faze Action. From Bebel Gilbertos album Tanto Tempo Remixes. Yes, I know my screen name is rockdontrun, not walkdontrun,...

HKA Encore The Three Caballeros - The Song from the 1944 movie by the same name

Hollywood Kids Academy presents: Encore Salutes Disney Encore January 30, 2010.