Damn you autocorrect work

Damn you autocorrect, live!

warning! Autocorrects tend TO have explicit language and/OR raunchy humor Hello everybody! Lightning Rod here, and this is my first...

Damnyouautocorrect Makes Me lol

Since I quit smoking, I needed something to distract me on my breaks at work. Dyac definately distracts me & has me lol bahaha.

1 - I like dicks! DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT

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Damn You Auto Correct!

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Damn You Autocorrect! by Kurt Crowley and Aaron Kirk Douglas

Aaron Kirk Douglas sings part of a song by he and composer/lyricist Kurt Crowley. (C) 2011 Aaron Douglas Enterprises Music, All Rights Reserved.

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Kid Calls 911 For Help With Math Homework

Lol. So funny when the mother found out. So cute! Kid Calls 911 For Help With Math Homework Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, share it with...

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God Damn You All to Hell! - Charlton Heston

from Planet of the Apes.