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Make WinXP look like Mac OSX with ObjectDock

Video Tutorial with how to make Win XP look like Mac osx with ObjectDock, Stacks, and Leopard wallpaper.... links to follow...... This is the link i followed for this...

My Desktop Setup (GUI Breed. Bluevision. Ironman. Objectdock)

DL Links BlueVision v0.2: IronMan Devices:...

ObjectDock Organize your desktop in a stylish manner - Download Video Previews

ObjectDock gives you the look and functionality of a Mac interface right on your Windows...

Windows 7, Firefox 2 and objectdock! Oh my!!!

ill show you whats on my desktop, what browser i use and some cool programs to download! Enjoy! Links! Twitter- ObjectDock-...

Custom Desktop (Hexus Core v2)

Desktop: Rainmeter Skins -Senary hdd (the five hdd icons/meters) -Flat (Network Monitor, cpu Monitor, modified to show six) -Desk Five (Clock) -Dektos by...

Object Dock

Time Zone Clock Widget for Windows 7

Free Download

Java Object Dock - HansA

Object Dock Gadget for your Java Desktop Application. For more info visit,

Windows 7, RocketDock, ObjectDock Plus, RainMeter, AlienWare

Entorno de mi pc:), proximamente mi entorno de Ubuntu, un saludo a una personita muy especial (alias osita munita:P:) )

Windows 7 Desktop customization

This is my desktop i hope you like it! If anyone you need help just message me and will be my plesure to help you msn song: Dennis De...