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Umaru event Gold Chiari Eater (45)

Game Kai-ri-sei Million arthur Wiki: Download QooApp By: square enix Co., Ltd.

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur TGS 2014 Trailer

Kairi-sei Million Arthur Bluestacks Test Stream - 1 9

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Million Arthur Official Short Trailer

The Hit Collector Card Game From Square Enix! Square Enixs first iteration of the block buster game Million Arthur arrives globally. Heavily influenced by Anime...

Kai ri Sei Million Arthur - Black Cherry Eater 35

Kai ri Sei Million Arthur/ Million Arthur 2 Been away but back for some robot smashing! Boss Black Cherry Eater Difficulty: Extreme/35 Facebook:...

Kairi Sei Million Arthur 004 Rerolling! Tutorial and 14 gacha (rare summons)

Since I didnt get any Ur bases cards for my mercenary in gacha, I was thinking about to reroll the account. Here is the tutorial and my 14 summons. Will luck be...

Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur Dragon Raid - Hell Part2

Kairisei Million Arthur - Shiruki Silky Boss Battle

Kai ri Sei Million Arthur/ Million Arthur 2 Fairy Boss Shirukii Silky Difficulty: Super/ 35 First battle against her went super well! Pretty close too...

Kairisei Million Arthur - Pishi Pixie Boss

Kai ri Sei Million Arthur/ Million Arthur 2 Fairy Boss Pishi Pixie Difficulty: Super/ 35 Since I didnt get the boss drop on the first try, I had to add one in from...

Kairisei Million Arthur - Baabanshi Barbansi Boss Battle

Million Arthur 2 Barbansi Fairy Boss Ultra Difficulty (35) Looks like this fight didnt go too well. Facebook: