Who did jed bartlet run against
The West Wing 4x2 Jed Bartlet - American Heroes speech

The West Wing - Dairy Farmers

Jed Bartlett speaks out against agriculture cartelisation in one of his early campaign speeches (Season 2 Episode 1)

West Wing Presidential Debate

President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.

The West Wing 222 Two Cathedrals - President Bartlet shouts at God

(c) nbc The cathedral scene from Two Cathedrals after Mrs. Landinghams funeral, when the President gives God a piece of his mind. Video content provided...

The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill.

A clip from Season Five Episode Eight Shutdown. After budget talks break down with Speaker Haffley, Josh Lyman convinces President Jed Bartlet to walk to...

TWW - Look at the whole board

The West Wing, President Bartlet and Sam Seaborn scene from episode 3.14 Hartsfields Landing.

The West Wing Two Cathedrals - Give me numbers

2x22: Pre-closing scene in the Oval Office where Jed converses with Mrs. Landinghams ghost & convinces him to run for office again.

The West Wing Brothers In Arms

Watch in 720p please! You did not desert me, my brothers in arms. The best show Ive ever seen. I dont even know how to explain how good it is or my love for...

I was not magnificent the west wing

Watch in 720p sub MY backup (I have two strikes): Coloring adjusted from original coloring by Hermy483.

West Wing - College Kids

A Bartlet speech about education, in the wake of the Kennison State University bombing.