Land warrior technology
Land Warrior Integrated Fighting System (documentary)

Land Warrior was a United States Army program, cancelled in 2007, but restarted in 2008, that used a combination of commercial, off-the-shelf technology...

US Army PEO Soldier - Land Warrior Future Soldier System 720p

Future Warfare, Future Combat Systems: Future Force 2004 US Army 7min

more at fundamental and strategic abilities OF the objective force are...

BAE Systems launches high-tech Iron Man helmet

As bae Systems launches the Q-Warrior, Ben Farmer tests out the see-through helmet mounted display that allows soldiers to identify hostile and friendly forces.

9 DARPA Secret Tech Projects On Which Military Still Working

9. Warrior Web: The Warrior Web is one of the many solutions darpa is trying to solve the problem of overburdened soldiers carrying 100-pound combat loads.

Children Of Technology-The Road Warriors

Legendary metal punk band from from their demo called The day after from J the true road warriors!!!

Land Warrior Update

Update on the Land Warrior system being used by elements of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division (sbct) currently deployed in Iraq.

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

In a leap for robotic development, the mit researchers who built a robotic cheetah have now trained it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs making this the...

New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 2 Minds Eye Design

In 2016, new technologies and inventions will hit the market in the artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, smartphones and 3D that...

Ellen Introduces Kids to the Technology of Yesterday

Kids these days dont know how good they have it. Ellen proved exactly that when she asked these kids to give their opinion of some outdated devices.