Jed bartlet ms

Jed Bartlett and Leo Mcgarry - First talk about MS

Jed and Abbey Bartlet 2x01 - Abbey tells the anesthesiologist about Jeds MS

Super Tense Oval Office Moment on the West Wing

Toby and Bartlett square off when Toby learns Bartlett has MS.

The West Wing Two Cathedrals - Give me numbers

2x22: Pre-closing scene in the Oval Office where Jed converses with Mrs. Landinghams ghost & convinces him to run for office again.

Mrs Landingham convinces Young Jed to be socially active - West Wing S2 E 22 Two 4

The West Wing - This Plane is Going to China

Bartlet has an MS attack aboard AF1 on their way to China. The West Wing is owned by nbc/Universal Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.

The West Wing 222 Two Cathedrals - President Bartlet shouts at God

(c) nbc The cathedral scene from Two Cathedrals after Mrs. Landinghams funeral, when the President gives God a piece of his mind. Video content provided...

The West Wing President Wheelchair

Jed Bartlet preparing to disclose MS diagnosis.

Mrs. Landingham Buys a New Car

Used for education purposes.

Mrs. Landingham, on her boys - In Excelsis Deo

Mrs. Landingham (Kathryn Joosten) explains to Charlie (Dulé Hill) why the holidays get her down, from In Excelsis Deo from season 1 of The West Wing.